Reading a book


Our society has a library that is available to members. In this library you will find books, magazines, articles and auction catalogues relating to our collection areas (Greece, Cyprus and the Levant). For an overview of the available publications, see the indexes below.

Use of the library

Borrowing from the library is possible by appointment to our librarian. You can contact him by e-mail. If you want to borrow publications, you must comply with the lending regulations and you can use the application form.

Other indexes of philatelic libraries

The following indexes of libraries (external) may also be consulted , they will open in a new page.

The Greek Alphabet

Click here to see the Greek Alphabet.

Secretary PV Griekenland

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The annual contribution is € 30 for members in The Netherlands, and € 35 for members in other countries.

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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.

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