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Welcome to the home of the Hellenic Philatelic Society of the Netherlands.


We are a society of collectors of stamps and postal items from Greek-speaking territories and have just about 100 members. Our society was founded more than 50 years ago.

As to stamp collecting, Greece is a very special country. Naturally, the classical antiquity has a prominent place. But also, the turbulent political developments in the Balkans are clearly visible on all sorts of stamps and postal items. Therefore Greece is not only attractive to the ordinary stampcollector, but also to historically interested and thematic collectors.

The society offers many possibilities of adding items to your collection. Four times a year there is a members' meeting. There you can buy stamps and bid for one or more lots at an extensive auction. The prices at this auction are very moderate. If you cannot attend, you can bid in writing.


You can expect the following activities from our society:

  • Four times a year our magazine "Hermes".
  • Four times a year a members' meeting in Zeist in The Netherlands, which can be easily reached by car or train. The meeting includes a lecture and an auction.
  • Our own circular service (season September - June).
  • Publications on Greek stamps and postal history.
  • An extensive library where you can borrow books and articles.
  • Our legacy committee, which advises on sales and acts for you if necessary.
  • We have a Studygroup for members who like to do specialised research.
LHH 20 lepta

Secretary PV Griekenland

P.O. Box 62

7970AB Havelte



The annual contribution is € 30 for members in The Netherlands, and € 35 for members in other countries.

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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.

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