Greek Revolution 1821-2021
Corinphila Veilingen

Society News

04-12-2021 - The next Members meeting with an auction.

22-11-2021 - Our website gets a Large Silver (78 points) at Notos!

17-11-2021 - The new special Jubilee edition of Hermes was published!

15-11-2021 - Details of the next auction are now available

18-09-2021 - Our auctioneer (Peer van Meetelen) and editor of Hermes

                        (Frans Bruna) haven been appointed as honorary

                        members of our Society!

23-07-2021 - New article in the Publication section to celebrate the

                       opening of the Olympic Games

25-03-2021 - New article in the Publication section to celebrate 200 Years

                       since the Greek Revolution:  "The Beginning of an

                       Independent Greek State" by Frans van Limpt

19-08-2017 - Reference to our society in the educational program

                       Cursus Filatelie, deel 21 (Dutch)

Other News

19-11-2021 - New sheetlet from Greece (Notos 2021)

18-11-2021 - New stamps from Cyprus (Christmas)

04-11-2021 - New issue from Greece (Christmas)

04-11-2021 - New stamps from North Cyprus (Old local softdrinks)

27-10-2021 - The catalogue of Notos 2021 has been published in

                        low resolution and high resolution

07-10-2021 - New stamps from Greece (Children and stamps: how children

                       see the 1821 Revolution)

07-10-2021 - New issue from North Cyprus (The first domestic Automobile -

                       Günsel B9)

23-09-2021 - New stamps from Greece (Greece 1821-2021 III, Philhellenes)

23-09-2021 - New self-adhesive stamps from Greece (The Siege of Tripolitsa)

17-09-2021 - Two new stamps from Cyprus (50 Years of The Theatrical

                       Organization of Cyprus and 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations

                       Cyprus – China

17-09-2021 - New issue from Cyprus (Cats)

09-09-2021 - New stamps from North Cyprus (Tokyo 2020 Olympics and