100 Years Philotelia
Corinphila Veilingen

Society News

31-08-2024 - The next members meeting.

26-05-2024 - The new Hermes was issued. The digital version is available

                        for members on the members-page.

21-05-2022 - Hans Paul Soetens presents his new book: "Stempels van

                       scheepsagenturen & de regionale scheepvaart in het

                       Egeïsche en Ionische gebied"

19-08-2017 - Reference to our society in the educational program

                       Cursus Filatelie, deel 21 (Dutch)

Other News

10-07-2024 - New sheetlet from Cyprus (50 Years since the Turkish invasion

                       and occupation in Cyprus)

10-07-2024 - News stamp from Cyprus (Euromed - Sports in the


10-07-2024 - Three new self-adhesive stamp booklets from Greece

                        (Travelling in Greece)

08-07-2024 - New stamps from Greece (Euromed - Sports in the


24-06-2024 - New issue from North-Cyprus (Paris 2024 Olympic Games)

24-06-2024 - New stamps from North-Cyprus (UEFA EURO 2024 Football


12-06-2024 - New issue from Greece (Olympic Games – Paris 2024)

07-06-2024 - New self-adhesive stamps from Greece (200 Years since the

                       Kasos Massacre)

06-06-2024 - In september 2024, the HPS will issue a book commemorating

                        its 100th Birthday. See here for more information and pre-


02-06-2024 - New book by D. Papitsis, "The Large Hermes Heads of

                        Greece - Deciphering these magnificent Classical Stamps".

                        See for more information the HPS-site and here.

15-05-2024 - New stamps from Greece (Europa - Underwater Flora and


06-05-2024 - New issue from North-Cyprus (Europa - Underwater Flora and