PvG Meetings

Members' meetings

Four times a year we have a members' meeting (for dates, see below)

The agenda consists usually (amongst other things) of a lecture and an auction.

  • 7th March 2020

  • 30th May 2020

  • 5th September 2020

  • 28th November 2020

Our meeting place:

De Walkartkamer van de Kerk van de Vrijzinnige Geloofsgemeenschap NPB

Kerkweg 19-23, 3701 HD Zeist, tel. 030-6923828.

Start: 11.00 AM (room  opens at 10.00 AM).

Note: Not much parking-space behind the church

Events and Expositions

27 en 28 februari 2020


Op 27 en 28 februari wordt in Hotel van der Valk in Veenendaal Winterstamps georganiseerd. Zie ook:

19 t/m 21 maart 2020

Hertogpost 2020

Van 19 t/m 21 maart wordt in de Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch Hertogpost 2020 georganiseerd. Zie ook:

Secretary PV Griekenland

P.O. Box 62

7970AB Havelte


The annual contribution is € 30 for members in The Netherlands, and € 35 for members in other countries.

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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.

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