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HERMES is the quarterly periodical of Hellenic Philatelic Society of the Netherlands. It contains 16 pages of information (in Dutch) for members of the society and a number of articles written by the members about the Greek collection area.

The subjects discussed are very varied. Of course, there is much attention to the stamps and postal markings of Greece, but also postal history, forgeries and, for example, fiscal stamps are included. In addition, there are thematic subjects like Greek history and classical antiquity. Related areas, such as the Levant, are also discussed.

For an impression, see the attached copy in pdf, which contains a selection of articles.

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Jubilee: 50 Years of Hermes

Last year, Hermes celebrated its 50th birthday. On this occasion there was a re-issue of four of the leading articles of prominent members of our society from the first 25 years of Hermes' existence. The articles have been updated, translated in english and some (new) illustrations have been added. See our Publications-page for the articles. To learn more about the history of Hermes, click here.

Hermes 192-193

November 2021

Hermes Jubilee Edition 192-193




Message from our chairman


Report of the members meeting on September 18


Two jubilees from our board!


Joost Meyer: Cyprus, a melting pot of cultures – a history up to 1878 in stamps

The writer talks about the history of Cyprus, illustrated with postage stamps.


Eugène Endenburg: Development of Greek postal rates

Eugene shows the Greek postal rates from 2001 until the last major change in 2020


Ruud Verberne: Something about the history of Crete and Spinalonga

Ruud describes the development of Spinalonga into a leper island and tourist attraction.


Eugène Endenburg: Peripheral phenomena – part 2c: traffic lights, a deviation

This time attention is paid to the traffic lights on the stamps issued in 2020 in memory of the battle at Thermopylae and Salamis.


Hans Paul Soetens: The origin and development of the postal service in Greece

In this article the author describes the chronological development of the postal network in Greece from the Greek Revolution to 1861.


Peer van Meetelen: Mytilene overprints on Turkish stamps 1912-1913

Peer discusses the preliminary issue of Mytilene and its counterfeits


Ruud Verberne: LGBTI, part 1: The letter L

A description of lesbian women on stamps and in particular to Sappho


Eugène Endenburg: Rigas Feraios again (1)

Eugène shows a sheet of personal stamps with tab, issued on the occasion of the 250th birthday of Feraios in 2007.


Jan van den Berg: Postcards by Achaia Clauss

An article about this German winery near Patras and the philatelic traces it left behind.


Joost Meyer: The German Emperor Wilhelm II and Greece

The author describes the complicated relationship of the German Emperor with Greece.


Ruud Verberne: nostalgia for the past

Ruud discusses some articles that recently appeared in the "nostalgia" special issue of the Dutch magazine Filatelie about "The drachma", "Albanian stamps from 1913" and "The Cyprus Issue".


Frans Bruna: Mystras – a modest stamp (Hellas 527), an important past

Frans discusses the 1935 Mystras stamp and the history of this place.


Eugène Endenburg/Frans Bruna: Greek stamps and banknotes (3)

This time attention is paid to Alexander the Great, Mycenae, the Arkadi Monastery and the Academy in Athens.


Eugène Endenburg: Rigas Feraios again (2)

Eugène shows a silver coin of 10 Euro, issued in 2021.


Olav Petri: Some German Field Post Letters from WWII in Greece

Olav discusses the phenomenon of German field post letters and shows a few copies with a “Greek” tinge.

Hermes 191

August 2021

Hermes Edition 191




Message from our chairman


Peer van Meetelen: Searching pieces of mail to or from Spinalonga

For research, Peer is looking for mail and possible correspondence addressed to and from the leper island of Spinalonga in Crete.


Frans Bruna: Emperor Nikiforos Fokas – “The Victorious” (Hellas 893)

The author tells about this memorable fighter from the 10th century AD, the “liberator of Crete”.


Marco van de Mortel: The Stamp Trade, not always profitable.

Marco uses correspondence of the Greek stamp trader Kimon Catacalos with a British firm to outline the joys and sorrows of the Greek stamp trade around 1948.


Joost Meyer: The ELTA gets carried away

A critical note on new plans of the ELTA with personal stamps.


Joost Meyer: Large Hermes Heads are not scary

The author discusses the book “Large Hermes Heads – Control Numeral Errors” by Michalis Kaitatzidis, published posthumously by the Philatelic Society of Lesvos.


Ruud Verberne: The Hellenic Philatelic Society in a nutshell

Attention to the history of our sister society in Athens. Attention is also paid to the American stamp dealer A.C. Roessler.


Joost Meyer: Signed Greek stamps – part 2

A description of the Greek stamps that contain a name or initials of the designer/engraver. In part 1 stamps from the period 1861-1950 were discussed, in this part the later years.


Ruud Verberne: The Olympic Games 2020

The author pays attention to the special circumstances of these Olympic Games.


Hans Paul Soetens: A forgery that can be detected without difficulty

Hans Paul shows a letter with LHH which clearly is a forgery.


Ad van Groesen: A peculiar cancellation

Ad shows an interesting cancellation from Olympia.

Hermes 190

April 2021

Hermes Edition 190




Message from our chairman


Ad van Groesen: When is a 40 lepta GHK a SOLFERINO?

The author advises when searching for this rare variety to look especially at the colour of the paper (greenish).


Frans van Limpt and Frans Bruna: Athanasios Diakos (1788-1821)

The authors discuss the life of Diakos and his role in the Greek Revolution of 1821.


Ruud Verberne - War is always an ugly evil. From the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)

Ruud takes discusses another phase of the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1922 and discusses in particular the region around Izmit and the events there in 1920.


Rien Smit - The imprint "ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΣ 1922" on Hellas 459 / Vlastos 414

The writer is researching this rare overprint variant and its forgeries.


Eugène Endenburg and Frans Bruna - Greek Stamps and Banknotes (2)

Another selection from the rich stock of Greek banknotes. This time around the theme of "ancient art and culture."


Joost Meyer - A Greek enclave in Hungary

Joost pays attention to the Greek refugees in Hungary after the civil war of 1946-49, in addition to an article by Ruud Verberne about returned mail from Hungary.


Hans Paul Soetens - Aegean Islands: Postal Services in the 19th Century – Introduction

The writer elaborates on the question of how mail was organized around the Greek islands in the 19th 19th century.

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