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Bulletin Hermes

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HERMES is the quarterly periodical of Hellenic Philatelic Society of the Netherlands. It contains 16 pages of information (in Dutch) for members of the society and a number of articles written by the members about the Greek collection area.

The subjects discussed are very varied. Of course, there is much attention to the stamps and postal markings of Greece, but also postal history, forgeries and, for example, fiscal stamps are included. In addition, there are thematic subjects like Greek history and classical antiquity. Related areas, such as the Levant, are also discussed.

For an impression, see the attached copy in pdf, which contains a selection of articles.

For the contents of the latest Hermes editions, see further below.

Jubilee: 50 Years of Hermes

Last year, Hermes celebrated its 50th birthday. On this occasion there was a re-issue of four of the leading articles of prominent members of our society from the first 25 years of Hermes' existence. The articles have been updated, translated in english and some (new) illustrations have been added. See our Publications-page for the articles. To learn more about the history of Hermes, click here.

Hermes 184

November 2019

Hermes Edition 184




Report of the members' meeting on the 7th of  September 2019


Walter de Rooij: Greece confuses the stampbooklet collector

The author describes the development of the Greek stamp booklets from the first issue in 1930 to the current version with self-adhesive stamps.


Rien Smit: How a stamp comes to life (Hellas 676): the battle of Crete

Rien reports on his trip to West Crete in search of traces of WW II.


Ruud Verberne: A piece of Greek (postal) history from the end of World War II - Part 2: resumption of postal connections abroad

Ruud analyses the complex tariff structure of the post at the end of the German occupation and the resumption of postal traffic abroad after the liberation in November 1944. He illustrates this with a number of rare postal items.


Ad van Groesen: About double printings

Ad shows an example of a double printing from the  "Flying Hermes" stamps.


Ad van Groesen: New discovery at Soc. Surcharge stamp from 100 years ago (continued)

The author complements the information regarding his find of the surcharge stamp with missing “ones”, as described in Hermes 183.


Identification markings by judges

An overview of the way  the judges set their markings in Germany.


Joost Meyer: Edge phenomena - part 2: traffic lights and marginal sheet counting numbers

Joost shows Greek stamp issues with traffic lights and issues with a counting number on the margin.

Hermes 183

August 2019

Hermes Edition 183




Report of the members' meeting on the 18th of  May 2019


Ad van Groesen: New discovery regarding Social Allowance Stamp from 100 years ago

Ad describes a new imprint variant of the Social Allowance Stamp of 50 lepta from 1917.


Frans Bruna and Joost Meyer: The issuing-policy of the Greek Post has run wild

The authors comment on a new product from ELTA, the “personalized stamps” (self-adhesive stamps, issued in stamp booklets) and express the hope that the Greek Post will stop this soon..


Marco van de Mortel: Fluorescent prints

Marco shows a number of Greek tax stamps that contain a wealth of new information under UV light (see also the article in the Publications section).


Joost Meyer: A mobile musical greeting

The Greek Europe stamps from 2019 contain a musical greeting (see also the description on this website).


Frans Bruna: The Siege of Mesolongi and the Memorial Stamps

Frans discusses the sieges of this city during the Greek struggle for independence in 1822-1825 and shows the stamps that Greece has issued over the years regarding that subject.


Rien Smit: 40 L 1896/1901 fiction or reality?

The author discusses counterfeits of this stamp from the 1896 Olympic Games series, with and without the 1901 imprint.


Joost Meyer : Edge phenomena - part 1: the experiment with the coin-date

The author writes about the 1958 airmail stamps with an imprint on the border of the lower right corner of the sheets.


Ruud Verberne: A piece of Greek (postal) history from the end of World War II - Part 1: postal items of a special date

Ruud describes the postal effects of the German occupation in Greece and illustrates this, among other things, with two special postal items.

Hermes 182

April 2019

Hermes Edition 182




Report of the members' meeting on the 23rd of  February 2019


Olav Petri and Hans Paul Soetens: Thessaly revisited, a sorting machine

The writers attack the different types of stamps and counterfeits of the 1898 issue of Thessaly.


Joost Meyer: A double discobolos

The author examines the images of the statue "The Discus Thrower" by Constantin Dimitriadis on Greek stamps, cinderella's and postal markings.


Hans Paul Soetens: Issue for The Dodecanese (I)

The so-called Dodecanese issue appeared from 1947 following the transfer of this group of islands to Greece. Hans Paul shows the reader the philatelic items related to this theme.


Ad van Groesen: The (private) perforations of the Small Hermes Heads

Ad, member of the studygroup on varieties, discusses the private perforations of the SHH.


Marco van de Mortel: Postal Money Orders

The author shows two special variants of these documents.


Ruud Verberne: The diaspora of Hermes and Iris, the messengers of the Greek gods (Part 2)

Ruud continues his description of Greek Gods on French stamps with a number of postal items with combinations of images of Hermes and Iris, around WW2.


Marco van de Mortel: Catalogue of Greek Vignettes

A review of the new Greek cinderella catalogue.

Contents of older issues of Hermes

For the contents of older issues of Hermes, see the indexes in the library.

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