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Philatelic Society of Athens

Philatelic Society of Patras

Philatelic Union of Volos

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Philatelic Union of Pieria (Katerini)

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Panhellenic Society of Thematic Philately and Youth


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Philatelic (Greek blog)

Philatélie Hellénique (French blog)

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George Alevizos, Topanga, USA

Apollo Stamps Company, Chicago, USA

Athens Auctions, Athens

Collectio, Athens

Cosmos Stamps, UK

Cyprus Stamps, UK

Faitatzis Auctions, Thessaloniki

Ilissia Stamps, Athens

A. Karamitsos, Thessaloniki

Anastasia Paidoussis, Athens

The Philatelists, Athens

Sarantopoulos Greek Stamp Store, Des Plaines, USA

Tarassouleas, Athens

O. Vlastos Ltd., Halandri


Greece and Cyprus, Various Philately


Athens Philatelic and Postal Museum

Cyprus Post

ELTA Hellenic Post

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AIJP - Association Internationale de Journalistes Philatélique

Catawiki stampcatalogue

Colnect stampcatalogue

FIP - Fédération Internationale de Philatélie

Koninklijke Nederlandse Bond van Filatelisten-Verenigingen - aangesloten verenigingen

Nederlandse Vereniging van Postzegelhandelaren

COMM - Museum for communication

UPU Universal Postal Union

WNS - WADP Numbering System

Worldcatalogue (Freestampcatalogue, Postbeeld, Haarlem)


About Greece, Various



Vocabulary New Greek - Dutch and Dutch - New Greek



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