Society News

07-09-2019 - Next Members meeting with an auction and a lecture.

15-08-2019 - New article in the Publication section "Greek revenues

                       under UV light" by M. van de Mortel

08-08-2019 - The new Hermes was published!

17-06-2019 - Two of our members get Gold in China!

25-04-2019 - New article in the Hermes-Jubilee-series! See the Jubilee-


19-08-2017 - Reference to our society in the educational program

                       Cursus Filatelie, deel 21 (Dutch)

Other News

22-07-2019 - New self-adhesive stamps from Greece (4 booklets)

                       (Archeological sites)

15-07-2019 - New stamps from Greece (Euromed - Costumes in the


09-07-2019 - New issue from Cyprus (Cyprus Gymnastic Associations)

09-07-2019 - New stamp from Cyprus (Euromed - Traditional Costumes)

20-06-2019 - New stamps from North Cyprus (Europa 2019 - National Birds)

20-06-2019 - New self-adhesive stamps from Greece (8 booklets) (Rhodes)

31-05-2019 - New issue from North Cyprus (April 23rd and Ataturk

                       Childrens Day)

29-05-2019 - New self-adhesive stamps from Greece (The old harbour

                       of Xania)

19-05-2019 - New stamp from North Cyprus (Centenary of National Struggle)

09-05-2019 - New issue from Greece (Europa 2019 - National Birds)


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The annual contribution is € 30 for members in The Netherlands, and € 35 for members in other countries.

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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.

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