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28-04-2017 - New article by Joost Meyer about the "Essays" of King George I in our publications-section.

15-04-2017 - Our librarian Hans Paul Soetens wins the First Prize with his lecture on WWI censorship at the "Brievenbeurs" in Gouda.

08-04-2017 - Members meeting with extra large auction!

14-03-2017 - The new Hermes has arrived.

01-01-2017 - New article by Frans van LImpt/Frans Bruna about Hermes - Messenger of the Gods in our publications-section.

15-10-2016 - Our Jubilee-meeting at POSTEX in Apeldoorn was a great success. The celebrations included over 70 exhibition-frames at the stamp-fair, lectures, honouring of some loyal members and a special Jubilee-auction. See the Jubilee-pages for further details.


Other News



04-05-2017 - Two new issues from Cyprus (International sustainable

Tourism and Europe 2017)

24-04-2017 - New sheetlet from Greece (Conference of the Ancient

Civilizations Forum in Athens)

07-04-2017 - New issue from Greece (Personal stamps)

24-03-2017 - Two new sets of stamps from Cyprus (Paphos - Cultural capital

of Europe and Anniverseries and Events)

23-03-2017 - New issue from North Cyprus (Our Cittaslow-towns)

15-03-2017 - New stamps from Greece (150 Years National Archaeological


23-02-2017 - New issue from North Cyprus (Animals)

16-02-2017 - New stamps from Cyprus (Wild flowers and Refugee Stamp)

08-02-2017 - Provisional Program new stamp issues Cyprus was published








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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.