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Hermes Jubilee

Jubilee: 50 Years of Hermes

It was not so long ago since we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our society. Now our society-magazine celebrates its 50th birthday, because in March 1969 the first edition went to press.

In the meantime more than 180 editions have been faithfully filled by enthusiastic writers, editorially edited by critical editors and appreciated by the reader. Our magazine was also awarded with (large) silver at various philatelic exhibitions and in 2014 even received the Society Publication Award from the Stichting Maandblad voor Philatelie.

About the history of our magazine there was already an extensive article in an earlier Hermes. If you are interested, you can read it again by clicking on this link.

We like to celebrate the jubilee with a re-issue of four of the leading articles of prominent members of our society from the first 25 years of Hermes' existence. The articles have been updated and some (new) illustrations have been added.

If everything goes according to plan, every quarter we will publish a new article on this page.


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