Bulletin Hermes

Hermes 178

April 2018

Hermes Edition 178




Workshop Large Hermes Heads, 19th May 2018


Frans van Limpt: A most peculiar Tomb

The author talks about the special tomb for the hero Markos Botzaris, depicted on the stamp that was issued in 1926.


Jan van den Berg: The Seven Wonders of the World according to Shell Canada

Jan describes a form of direct mail (addressed advertising). It concerns postcards from Shell Canada with images of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, including the colossus of Rhodes and the Zeus statue in Olympia.


Ad van Groesen: The Eagle drops an Egg

Ad describes a plate error of the 2 lepta from the series Victory 1912 and a 1 drachma from 1927 with a blue snake that winds around a pillar.


Joost Meyer: The most glorious issue of our stamps

The author discusses the series Victory from 1947. How did it come about and what do the images mean?


Ruud Verberne: Diplomatic Mail during the blockade of the Greek harbours by the Entente during WWI

Ruud shows a letter from March 1917, which could not be sent in the normal way because of the blockade, but came with the diplomatic post of the Dutch embassy in Athens instead.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 13: The Provisional Government of National Defence in Thessaloniki

Hans Paul describes the postal situation in Thessaloniki after the Entente Powers settled there and the stamps of the Provisional Government of Venizelos.

Hermes 177

February 2018

Hermes Edition 177




Report of the members' meeting on 2-12-2017.


Ruud Verberne: Keizerin Elizabeth van Oostenrijk (‘Sisi’) en Wilhelm II en hun passie voor Griekenland (Deel 1I)

The writer continues his journey with a description of the stay of Sisi and emperor Wilhelm II of Germany at the Achilleion on Corfu.


Eugène Endenburg: The Victory-issue of the 1st of May 1947

Eugène shows a letter, franked with a 250 Dr stamp of the “Victory” issue (Hellas 672), cancelled on 28th November 1946. Most of the set was only issued in 1947.


Jan Blijleven: Insurance of private stamp-collections

Some tips on how to insure a private stamp-collection.


Joost Meyer: The 7th stamp-issue of 2017

Who were the 7 Wisemen from Antiquity, as depicted on the stamps issued in 2017 under that name?


Ad van Groesen e.a.: The Studygoup on Varieties

Ad, Eugène and Joop invite everybody to help with an inventory of the many varieties on Greek postage stamps (plating errors, colour errors etc.).


Ruud Verberne: Holiday Greetings from Greece

Ruud shows examples of postcards were tourists were not very careful when they addressed there holiday cards. The result was the Greek Post did not know what to do with them.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 12: Western Thrace in WWI

Western Thrace was situated in Bulgarian territory and (postally speaking) did not suffer very much under the war effort. There was a Bulgarian Censorship.

Bulletin Hermes

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HERMES is the quarterly periodical of Hellenic Philatelic Society of the Netherlands. It contains 16 pages of information (in Dutch) for members of the society and a number of articles written by the members about the Greek collection area.


The subjects discussed are very varied. Of course, there is much attention to the stamps and postal markings of Greece, but also postal history, forgeries and, for example, fiscal stamps are included. In addition, there are thematic subjects like Greek history and classical antiquity. Related areas, such as the Levant, are also discussed.


For an impression, see the attached copy in pdf, which contains a selection of articles.


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Hermes 176

October 2017

Hermes Edition 176




Report of the members' meeting on 23-09-2017.


Ruud Verberne: The reach of Old Greece (Part 1): The Greek language rediscovered on coins from the East.

In the second part of this article Kanishka the Great and the Kushan Empire are discussed. Shown are, among other things, a number of coins with gods representing different religions.


Rien Smit: Oneglia 5 L green with a false dotted cancellation nr.67

Rien pays attention to a false GHK stamp with a similarly false dotted cancellation nr.67 (Syra) of the known counterfeit Oneglia from Turin, printed ca. 1890.


Joost Meyer: Greece and the emergence of the modern Olympic Games

The author describes some forerunners of the modern Olympic Games, the so-called Zappas games in Greece in the 19th century, and discusses the first new Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 11: The Serres-Kavala region from 1912 to 1918

Hans Paul examines the turbulent history of this part of Macedonia that was first part of the Ottoman Empire, when it became Greek to be occupied by Bulgarian troops in 1916.


Ruud Verberne: Empress Elizabeth of Austria ('Sisi') and Wilhelm II and their passion for Greece (Part 1)

The author leads us via Empress Sisi to the German archaeologist Dr. Purgold, the Hermesvilla in Vienna and the Achilleion in Corfu.


Jan van den Berg: Från utlandet via .....

In a sequel to his article about German labels used for registered mail with the text "Vom Auslande uber" Jan now shows the Swedish version of this label on a Greek postal item. A special find.

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