Bulletin Hermes

Hermes 179

August 2018

Hermes Edition 179




The lecture on September 22nd: Handwritten place names in Greek.


Report of the members' meeting on the 19th of May with the Workshop Large Hermes Heads.


Eugène Endenburg: Modern varieties

Eugène shows some colour and plate deviations on modern Greek stamps as part of the Study Group varieties.


Ruud Verberne: King Minos, a mythical figure

Ruud describes the history of this legendary figure and the palace of Knossos in Crete.


Rien Smit: An unknown Fournier stamp?

The author describes a false postal marking (Athens 8 - 18 September 1900) on two postage stamps from Greece from the 1876 issue.


Frans Bruna / Frans van Limpt: Letter to the firm Vlassopoulos - the content

The article provides a translation of one of the many Vlassopoulos letters (from 1875). It concerns a complaint about the exchange rates used.


Joost Meyer: Myron and the discus thrower

The author tells about the famous statue "The Discus Thrower" by Myron.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 14: The Dodecanese in the First World War

The Dodecanese were in Italian hands from 1912 onwards. Hans Paul describes the mail that has since been sent from this archipelago.


Frans Bruna: Behold; the real throne of King Minos, in the palace of Knossos

The editor shows the throne of King Minos.

Hermes 178

April 2018

Hermes Edition 178




Workshop Large Hermes Heads, 19th May 2018


Frans van Limpt: A most peculiar Tomb

The author talks about the special tomb for the hero Markos Botzaris, depicted on the stamp that was issued in 1926.


Jan van den Berg: The Seven Wonders of the World according to Shell Canada

Jan describes a form of direct mail (addressed advertising). It concerns postcards from Shell Canada with images of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, including the colossus of Rhodes and the Zeus statue in Olympia.


Ad van Groesen: The Eagle drops an Egg

Ad describes a plate error of the 2 lepta from the series Victory 1912 and a 1 drachma from 1927 with a blue snake that winds around a pillar.


Joost Meyer: The most glorious issue of our stamps

The author discusses the series Victory from 1947. How did it come about and what do the images mean?


Ruud Verberne: Diplomatic Mail during the blockade of the Greek harbours by the Entente during WWI

Ruud shows a letter from March 1917, which could not be sent in the normal way because of the blockade, but came with the diplomatic post of the Dutch embassy in Athens instead.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 13: The Provisional Government of National Defence in Thessaloniki

Hans Paul describes the postal situation in Thessaloniki after the Entente Powers settled there and the stamps of the Provisional Government of Venizelos.

Bulletin Hermes

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HERMES is the quarterly periodical of Hellenic Philatelic Society of the Netherlands. It contains 16 pages of information (in Dutch) for members of the society and a number of articles written by the members about the Greek collection area.


The subjects discussed are very varied. Of course, there is much attention to the stamps and postal markings of Greece, but also postal history, forgeries and, for example, fiscal stamps are included. In addition, there are thematic subjects like Greek history and classical antiquity. Related areas, such as the Levant, are also discussed.


For an impression, see the attached copy in pdf, which contains a selection of articles.


For the contents of the latest Hermes editions, see further below.



Hermes 180

November 2018

Hermes Edition 180




Report of the members' meeting on 22nd of September


Ruud Verberne: The Turkish occupation of Thessaly (1897-1898)

Ruud pays attention to the eight-sided stamps issued by the Ottomans after they temporarily occupied Thessaly. Also forgeries of stamp and stamp are discussed.


Joost Meyer: We wish the ELTA a safe voyage ...

The author discusses a new hobby of ELTA, personal stamps in the form of stamp booklets.


Eugène Endenburg: 9 October international day of the post

Eugène shows the celebration of the international day of the post on the basis of various stamp-issues.


Peer van Meetelen: 1953 The great Cefalonian earthquake

On August 12, 1953, the Ionian Islands were severely affected by an earthquake. Peer deals with the postal consequences.


Frans Bruna/Frans van Limpt: The Greek alphabet.

The authors show the Greek alphabet as distributed on the members day of September 22nd.


Joost Meyer: Help, I see double! - Part 2

In this article attention is paid to stamps that have been issued in different sheet sizes.


Rien Smit: Manipulated stamps, fantasy prints, etc.

Rien shows how stamps are manipulated and warns against rubbish on the internet.


Hans Paul Soetens: The First World War and Greece in timelines part 15: West Thrace at the end of World War I, continued

Hans Paul describes the influence of Greece and Bulgaria on the region of West Thrace in the period 1918-1923.

Contents of older issues of Hermes

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