The Auction



  • Auctions

Four times a year, for the members, during our member meetings.

  • Bidding

It's possible to bid by e-mail or by letter, up to 2 days prior to the auction.

  • Payment

Payments via bank account NL75 INGB 000 315 1752 (BIC: INGBNL2A)

to the attention of Penningm. Postzegelveren. Griekenland, Barendrecht with notification of the auction number and lot number.

  • Offer material for auction

You can offer lots for the auction all year long. Ask the auctioneer for information.

  • Details latest auction

You can find the most recent auction-list below. To see lots with a F (photo), please click on the picture below to enlarge.

  • Auction number : 152
  • Auction date: 2nd December 2017




Westerhof 2

NL-2987 XS Ridderkerk

phone +31180-415789


The annual contribution is € 26 for members in The Netherlands, and € 31 for members in other countries.

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PV Griekenland was founded in 1966 and aims to enlarge the interest in collecting Greek stamps and postal stationary.

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